Let’s Celebrate

Amy’s Birthday!

Established 1981


Sunday, July 25
3pm – ?
110 Seville Chase
Park on the even side

(443) 938-5091

Things We’ll Do

Low Country Boil

Josh and Dave are cooking up a feast of crab, sausage, corn, shrimp, potatoes …

Plus we’ll have plenty of other snacks and drinks.

Petting Zoo

During the lockdown last year we brought in Cricket’s Petting Zoo and all their adorable animals, and it was transcendent. We’re excited to host them again.

Variety Show

Starting at about 5pm we’ll have a variety show. Josh will play songs for the kids, Amy will read some of her own writing, and Adam’s old band, Sweatpants, will spoil it all.

Get in touch if you have something you want to contribute to our li’l makeshift stage!

Don’t Bring Anything

We’ve got everything under control! But do park on the even side of the street. Our house is the yellow one atop the hill.